We are, but an entity, within an entire natural order.

We are aware, but just enough  to know we are alive.

We consist of matter that organises itself according to need; not whim.


We exist in a realm of matter that organises itself according to chaos theory.

Outward Awareness,  then, comes about only when we go within…

But the deeper you look inside, the more you see unity.

As a species we are collectively the equivalent of a living organism…

Currently becoming cancerous by not coming together as one.


Tumors run amok,

Parasites consume their host,

Destroying themselves by dividing exponentially.

cells, not thinking of its greater self,

doing their own thing…

Oblivious to the chaos around them…


Healing begins when there is a return to order;

A return to cooperation and harmony,

And working for a greater good.

Putting the needs of our very existence;

The collective organism, made up of many individual parts and yet operating as one.



We are so intrinsically focused on every single individual tree,

And completely ignoring the complete beauty,

Within the forest  of humanity.

Of course,

there are fallen  branches,

Dead trees,

there is destructive chaos embedded within the greater grace of the whispering winds.. .

But it is ultimately beautiful nonetheless.

The forest holds many mysteries that we can never fully understand…

Existence holds many mysteries we will never be aware enough to comprehend…

But by looking further in…

Underlying the commonalities amongst the atoms and particles,

We see harmony within nature, outwardly and inwardly,

Within the order of nature as one,

In action,

In thought.


Not that we are all the same,

but the sum of our collective differences,  determine the rate of division amongst eachother;

thus becoming a destructive force over the organism that is humanity.

As it is, with every lush , healthy, vibrant sustainable creation of nature…

All of its parts must function together

In unison

In unity.


The Control Paradox

Control and control issues are a boon to the human species. As beings who are aware or conscious of ourselves, we recognize when circumstances aren’t fitting in with our expectations; and being aware of ourselves and our surroundings gives us the advantage of manipulating things in order to reach or achieve a state of ideal…a balance that feels right. Continue reading

musings about a broken system

politics and policies are quite obviously all over the news and it seems none of the leaders are good enough to do the job that the public wants them to do.

and i started thinking. and i started writing…i don’t always write eloquently or poetically…sometimes i write in short sporadic sentences…and i research and write and think.


this writing is that style… Continue reading

Holiday Public Service Announcement

2014-11-24-21-19-39Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus, a being who embodied the very way we should all relate to one another (not the only one but a very prominent one). As a Christian celebrating during this time let’s do our best to emulate the spirit of our celebrations. Jesus was a man of compassion, empathy, doing unto others and made love the base for everything he did. He embraced everyone as they were, without a hidden agenda, without expecting them to change or expecting them to conform to someone elses beliefs.

Christmas is not about Santa (totally different celebration which technically occurred on December 6th), it is not about the symbolism…the tree, lights, yule log, carols or gift giving as those symbols have been adopted from other holidays over the course of history as Christmas symbols.

As such no one can take Christmas away from you as it is not a thing to be taken. It is a personal celebration for an entity that should serve as a guidepost for your own personal conduct. It should be a time to be more Christ-like in your nature. The spiritual aspect of this holiday is not found in schools, malls, stores or community centers; it is found within you. Continue reading

Dear Mr.Trump

Dear Mr.Trump,

Please allow me to introduce myself, statistically speaking, so you have an understanding of whom is writing to you.

My name is Kim. I am, through societal labels, a white, uneducated, low income, working single mom of one. I am Canadian, living in the nations capital, doing my darndest to carve out my place in this world and raising my daughter to do the same. One fundamental lesson I intend to instill in her is to not take anything at face value: do the research, ask the questions, read between the lines and form independent opinions. I am writing to you today for that very reason, I do not take anything at face value and something in my brain is itching to be heard. I am writing because that is what writers do; they write.

I would like to make it known that I typically don’t follow politics. When I say that I mean I don’t get caught up in it as if it were a television drama to get emotionally invested in. I don’t actually watch TV and I find it interesting how much society internalizes every going on, real or unreal, and becomes personally involved as though it was actually affecting them…but i digress. Politics to me are simply multiple sides of the same coin (new currency style?). While we, the people, hope to elect a government that will be for the people, it really always comes down to the mighty dollar. The world runs on money, not feelings. Ultimately, whichever government comes into power, the beneficiaries are usually corporations, the wealthy and (hopefully) the economy. This is why I don’t *follow* politics. It is all one and the same with a new face and different words. I do exercise my right to vote, it was given to me by my ancestors and I will not squander it. I have vaguely observed the media portrayal of the campaign run and the subsequent election but until yesterday knew nothing of your or your opponents’ policies.

I predicted your win, to the disbelief of my peers and I do not support your public persona, nor do I want a person like that leading the most powerful nation on this planet…which also happens to be my neighbor. As I mentioned already I do not take things at face value. Something within my instincts is conflicted, telling me that what I see isn’t inherently the truth, that there is more to this story. I will not rehash your persona as you, more than anyone, are aware of the image you have portrayed but I will tell you what I believe.

Mr.Trump, I believe that you, like every other politician out there, have lied to the public. The difference being you have not put on a pretty face and spoken the words that the people wanted to hear, fluffing up their ego’s, patting them on the head and lulling them into a false sense of security and complacency. You, unlike any before you, have not falsified yourself into who we would *like* you to be in order to win votes and satisfy your own personal and political agenda. No Mr.Trump, I believe your persona is indeed a fake, a disguise to be the most incredibly volatile, unpredictable, vile, ugly human as is functionally possible and I believe you have done this on purpose. But why?

1- What you have done is shattered an illusion. You have completely exposed the false progressive image that the USA believed it was for the hatred and resentment that is seething underneath. You have managed to completely remove the nations’ ignorance to itself and reveal it’s fundamental issues in a blazing flame of glory to the world. There can be no denying that much of America is fueled by anger and fear and America cannot be great if she is hateful and afraid. There is no going back now; Pandoras box has been opened.

2- You have done something that is completely unprecedented as a leader in the Western world. You have connected with hatred and ignorance on it’s own level. A liberal president cannot effect change on a conservative population. It just isn’t possible, they are oil and water. By identifying with that side of American humanity and being voted in as their leader you now have trusted influence over their views. You, solely, have the ability to get inside their heads and begin the process of transformation. You have infiltrated closed minded territory and can work from the inside, aligning with the people where they are rather than telling them where they should be. You can now begin to lift them up from below rather than pull them up from above. No one likes being looked down upon.

This is marketing strategy at it’s finest and something I believe you orchestrated from the beginning. You are about to pull the largest bait and switch the world has ever seen. The Greeks Trojan Horse has got nothing on this. I do not believe you are a hateful man. I do not believe you are the person you have presented yourself to be. I believe you are a sheep in wolfs’ clothing.

You have an amazing opportunity ahead of you and I believe that once again my instincts will prove to be correct.

Good luck to you Mr.Trump.


Kim Wade